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Dynamic Z is a patch for Super Mario World that allows performing a variety of actions during V-Blank. It was made by anonimzwx. Dynamic Z is meant to be a replacement for DSX as both allow coding dynamic sprites.

Dynamic Z does not require a buffer for coding dynamic sprites, which significantly reduces the slowdown caused by these type of sprites. Additionally, it can create sprites with a 30FPS animation synchronized with each other; this allows having twice as many dynamic sprites on-screen compared to DSX.


  • Graphic changes
  • Color palette changes
  • Color palette and graphic changes on the player
  • Tile changes
  • Support for Dynamic, Semi-Dynamic and Giga-Dynamic sprites
  • A special DMA mode, which grants 50% more transfer capacity by removing the game's original DMA code
  • Player DMA optimizations that gives more time during NMI and slightly curbs slowdown
  • Compatibility with DSX sprites