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Welcome to SnesLab!

SnesLab is your essential laboratory for all SNES activities, including but not restricted to retrogaming, ROM hacking, hardware modding, technical documentation, handy tutorials and much more!


  • SnesLab now has multilingual support!


SnesLab has several tutorials made for all kind of users. This is the perfect place for learning something about the Super Nintendo. While we have emphasis in modding Super Mario World and making levels for Super Mario Maker we welcome every type of hacker that enjoys modding classic games, and are interested to learn about said hacks.


Our laboratory is full of fun challenges, events, and all around share our big projects to the community. SnesLab is completely self-sustaining, that is, we promote at first place a good ambience and opportunity to everyone start learning and have a nice stay on the site, regardless if you are still getting started or if you are an experienced ROM hacker.

Have Fun!

More important than anything, SnesLab targets the entire SNES community public and we're always open to anyone join us at any moment! Consider joining our Discord as well to really interact with the userbase! https://discord.gg/bGEV6PB

And never forget... Have fun! On a life of so many problems and issues, the most important is to everyone have the nicest stay here!

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