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There are four nearly identical buttons on the right side of the animation (berry) button with icons of "Super Mushrooms" on them. Each of these buttons has a distinct function.

  • Red - Extracts native graphics files from the currently loaded ROM.
  • Green - Inserts the graphics files currently located in the "Graphics" folder of the opened ROM's directory.
  • Blue - Extracts extra graphics files from the currently loaded ROM.
  • Yellow - Inserts extra graphics files currently located in the "ExGraphics" folder of the opened ROM's directory.

Inserting Graphics

To insert graphics files into your Super Mario World ROM using Lunar Magic, you will first need to extract the graphics files by clicking the Red Mushroom button. After that, you should see a new folder named "Graphics" in your Lunar Magic directory. These are the files that will be inserted into the loaded ROM afterwards when you click the Green Mushroom button.

Inserting Extra Graphics

To insert Extra Graphics, you will need a folder named "ExGraphics" in your Lunar Magic directory, you can either make it yourself or simply click the Blue Mushroom icon in Lunar Magic. Looking inside it, you will notice that the folder is empty, this is because Extra Graphics files have to be either downloaded or made by you.

The nature of Extra Graphics

Extra Graphics files are completely new to a clean Super Mario World ROM. These files must be titled ExGFX** (the ** being a number). ExGFX files can not be named a number before 80 (ExGFX80). Any number after 80 is free for use.

In short,

  • ExGFX79 is NO
  • ExGFX80 is YES
  • ExGFX81 is YES
  • ExGFX82 is YES

It continues from here.


  • When opening a new ROM in Lunar Magic, there will be no "Graphics" or "ExGraphics" folders. These are only created (unless you create them yourself) when you click the Red Mushroom icon and the Blue Mushroom Icon in Lunar Magic; Red for Graphics and Blue for ExGraphics.
  • When you extract Super Mario World's graphics files using the Red Mushroom Icon, there will be fifty two (52) files titled "GFX**" respectively, starting from GFX00 in hex, counting down to GFX32 in hex. These are the native files extracted straight from the loaded ROM. These files can be edited at your leisure using a program called YY-CHR.
  • Do not be concerned if you see no files in the "ExGraphics" folder when you click the Blue Mushroom icon. This is normal as there should be no Extra Graphics in a clean rom.
  • It is recommended to leave these files alone unless you have some experience in dealing with Super Mario World and know what it is you wish to edit, as most of these files may be used commonly through your game; or if you don't like looking at garbled messes when you open Lunar Magic.
  • Graphics files can be replaced by extracting them from the ROM again, which means if you make edits to an existing graphics file and save it, but do not insert it, if you extract again, your changes will be reverted.
  • It is recommended to always insert any changes you make to a graphics file to your ROM.
  • ExGFX89 is not the last file before ExGFX90, you also have ExGFX8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, and 8F to use. This goes on for the rest.