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UberASM Tool is a tool made for inserting custom ASM code on levels, overworld, game modes, status bar and global without needing a patch. Originally inspired on edit1754's LevelASM Tool, p4plus2's uberASM patch and Akaginite's levelASM tool plus also has a few ideas from p4plus2's GPS block inserter tool and Romi's Sprite Tool.

The tool targets both easy insertion and robust ASM condition, ideal from beginners to advanced users interested in inserting ASM snippets for Super Mario World. Although the tool currently only support the classic Mario game for SNES, there's plans for expanding it to other games.


  • Overworld ASM (INIT/MAIN/NMI/LOAD)
  • Game mode ASM (INIT/MAIN/NMI)
  • Global code ASM (INIT/MAIN/NMI)
  • Status bar code (MAIN)
  • Shared library with binary support
  • Macro and defines library
  • Automatic multiple banks support
  • Automatic patching and cleaning
  • Native SA-1 support
  • Friendly list with various settings
  • LM Restore System signature
  • Easily editable source code.