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This article is about the file format of IPS patches. Note that the address and length are stored in big endian.

Main format

  • PATCH ASCII string, the header of the file
  • (Records) Any number of records and/or RLE records
  • EOF ASCII string, the footer of the file
  • (Truncate) Truncate data is stored after the EOF

Record format

  • Address (3 bytes) The start address of the data to modify
  • Length (2 bytes) The length of the following data (greater than zero)
  • Data ("Length" bytes) The data to be written to "Address"

RLE record format

An RLE record writes a single byte multiple times.

  • Offset (3 bytes) The start address of the data to modify
  • 0000 (2 bytes) Two 00 bytes
  • Length (2 bytes) Number of times to repeat the following byte
  • Byte (1 byte) The byte to be written "Length" times to "Address"


A later version of SNESTool and some other IPS patchers (For example: Lunar IPS, NINJA) support a file truncate feature. The feature is an extension to the IPS format in the form of a 3-byte offset stored after the EOF. IPS patchers that support this will truncate the patched file, removing all data after the offset.