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AddMusicK is an open-source tool that modifies the music in Super Mario World. AddMusicK is an extension of the AddMusic family and was developed by Kipernal.

SMW Central Production 2 Project's development initially inspired the creation of AddMusicK in order to combine the pros of AddmusicM and Addmusic405 into one package after a debate over which Addmusic should be used for the project.

Notable Features

  • The usage is user-friendly.
  • Backwards compatible with AddMusic 4.05 and AddMusicM ports by adding special headers to old MML files.
  • Porters can define their custom N-SPC instruments in an official way, plus 16-bit tuning value support like the standard version of N-SPC.


  • The song can encounter noticeable slowdown easily if too many N-SPC effect used at once. This issue is fixed since 1.0.6.
  • The game will experience a long period of lag while loading a non-global song.
  • When pressing a P-Switch while one is already active, the P-Switch music will not restart from the beginning. This is because AMK's development was short and Kipernal worked mostly to fix bugs and incompatibilities, so this vanilla feature was left out. KevinM made a fix that works with modern versions of AMK, including 1.0.8: https://bin.smwcentral.net/u/25222/patch.asm

Alternatively, if necessary for some reason, a custom version of AddMusicK 1.0.5 was created by another individual to solve this problem.

  • The jump sound is slightly inaccurate to the original. This is because the original sound has no note data (according to LadiesMan217) so Kipernal couldn't directly rip it during AMK's development and thus he had to recreate it. This is rather unknown by the majority of hackers as the inaccuracy is not that noticeable unless heard very carefully. A fix was made by KungFuFurby below. The contents of '35 Jump.txt' and '2B Jump.txt' in the '1DFC' and '1DF9' folders respectively should be replaced with the fix:
$DA $08
$05 $38
$DD $B2 $00 $05 $B5
$EB $00 $12 $B9
  • (TBD)



AddMusicKFF is an forked version of the original AddMusicK by User:KungFuFurby, mainly for hosting changes made by KungFuFurby to AddMusicK for others to test, especially if they eventually get merged into the official AddMusicK. Some users already using AddMusicKFF for extra features not yet ported to the official AddMusicK.

AddMusicK 1.1

AddMusicK 1.1 is an unofficial improved version of the original AddMusicK by Codec, with more new features and bug fixes. However, there is no information regarding whenever it will be officially released.