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Brutal Mario

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Title Screen of Brutal Mario, circa Demo 7.5
The Overworld

Brutal Mario (鬼畜王マリオ, also known as Super Kitiku Mario, King Brute Mario, Devil King Mario, etc.) is an SMW ROM hack by Japanese Hacker carol that first released on SMW Central in 2008, with development starting around 2006. It is most widely known for having custom graphics, bosses, gimmicks, and such taken from other games.

It was one of the most praised ROM hacks back then, though recently it's seen a lot of backlash for uninspired level design, and its boss battles being very monotonous. Even still, it is a technical marvel of its time that has since inspired many novices to join SMW Hacking communities and create some of the most memorable hacks of today's age.


Opening Cutscene, graphics from Super Street Fighter II

Mario became victorious over Bowser countless times and was seen as a hero by his own people, ending with him rising to the throne of the Mushroom Kingdom. Over the years, however, Mario became the new tyrannical king. He sets off on an adventure to overtake further kingdoms, having left the Mushroom Kingdom as a rotting wasteland of ruin and starvation. The kingdom Mario left behind has since started an alliance to take him out.

Finished or Mostly Finished Features

  • Early use of levelASM patch.
  • Early use of HDMA.
  • Early case of extensive custom sprite usage.
  • Early case of custom bosses.
  • Custom Overworld Palette patch.
  • Custom Overworld sprites and graphics.
  • Early use of Mode 7 in a level.
  • Early instance of a new collectible being added to the game (DK Coins).
  • Shop system akin to Super Princess Peach (minor upgrades) and Donkey Kong Country 2 (hints).

List of All Released Demos

  • May 27th 2007 - Demo 6
  • July 8th 2007 - Demo 7 (The most widely known version)
  • April 19th 2008 - Cheap Demo (Demo 7.5)
  • November 24th 2008 - Overworld Demo
  • December 28th 2008 - Mazo Demo
  • May 6th 2009 - 7hero Demo
  • June 16th 2009 - Boss Demo
  • October 24th 2012 - demoOnly1
  • April 13th 2015 - 1-1 Demo


The Boss of Bowser's Castle, The Seven Koopalings

Ever since Demo 7's release, the author carol has released demos up until 2015 featuring bosses that completely change up the game of Super Mario World achieved by improved HDMA and Mode 7. Such examples go to the bosses Dark Lich, Lady Bow, Seven Koopalings, and even a rail shooter battling the Black Omen from Chrono Trigger. A few of those demos also contained new overworlds and submaps that were very ambitious for its time.

Fake Demos

The popularity of Brutal Mario has also led to some fake demos, screenshots, and videos claiming to be the next big thing the game has created. Someone even hacked into carol's account on Super Mario World Central to provide a convincing amount of screenshots, later debunked by members to the community with the real user admitting to his prank later on. Ever since, the game hasn't gotten any news, with the latest demo still being from 2015.

The Future

Unfinished Peach Boss

On January 12th 2020, carol revealed in an email that he has married and that development of the hack is suspended due to lack of time to develop the hack. Whether he'll still work on it or not is unknown for now, but people see this as an ill omen.