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(NOTE: This page is intended to be used as a base for creating/editing Games‏‎ pages.)

Game's Official Title

Official Box Art/Title Screen

Short summary from the game. It can be taken from another wiki or something already made, since it's not that important.

Hacking Tools


List of standard hacking tools of the game.


List of deprecated hacking tools of the game, if there's any.


List of beta or unfinished hacking tools of the game, if there's any.

Notable ROM Hacks

List of notable ROM hacks, if there's any.

Technical Information

Technical information about the game, either useful for developers or for general knowledge. Information about enhancement/special chips goes here.


Tutorials about the game's romhacking, if there's any.

Extra Menus

Anything relevant about the game that deserves its own category and it isn't already included in the previous ones.

External Links

Worthly external pages about the game.