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Category:SPC Sound Engine Build Sorting Pages

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A collection of build sorting pages.

Each one generally contains the following, sometimes sorted into sub-categories:

  • Game Name(s)
    • Name of the game. Sometimes contains an extra descriptor indicating game usage if more than one build is involved. More than one game can be included in one entry in a build sorting page, unlike the actual game usage listings, where ROM offsets are also included.
  • Starting Memory Location
    • Refers to the starting memory location of the SPC700 program. Not always the earliest place in memory: if this happens, it goes in the extra notes.
  • Sorting Signature(s)
    • The earliest sorting signature to use.
  • Memory Locations Noted
    • Earliest memory location to note. Almost always identified a subroutine call or a jump opcode, as they refer to code and not other data. Multiple memory locations may be noted, and if the builds are identical minus code locations, usually due to data differences outside the scope of the code being analyzed, then that is also put in the extra notes.
  • Extra notes
    • Anything else notable. This could be, for example...
      • A different game name of sorts used outside the scope of this section (mainly done in the case of testing cartridges since they're used on a single test basis)
      • Identical builds with either small or no differences at all, or memory location references somehow being different either due to data or due to code not being in the same location.
      • Starting memory location not being equal to the earliest memory location containing code.
      • Code differences occurring before memory location references become different (in this case, the memory location where they become different is noted).

Sometimes, a separate initialization program may be loaded prior to loading the main program, and it may or may not be overwritten afterwards, particularly if the memory locations are equal. These cases are sometimes accounted for in the build sorting: other times, they aren't (for example, Sculptured Software).