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Boomerang suit and enhanced vanilla blocks in action.

The Custom Powerups patch is a package of a bunch of ASM hacks mainly created by MarioE and LX5 with the main goal of adding new powerups for Super Mario World with ease and give a bunch of tools for programmers to create their own powerups for the game.


Cat suit, ice flower and enhanced roulette item.
Mini Mario and tanooki suit.

For regular users

  • Several new powerups from various Mario (and other) games
  • 32x32 player tilemap
  • Dynamic powerup items and projectiles
  • Easy and powerful customization options in the main patch and each powerup
  • Enhanced vanilla blocks and powerup items to make them more interesting
  • Better Powerdown patch native integration

For programmers

  • A nice ecosystem with RAM defines ready to use in every major tool (PIXI, GPS and UberASM Tool)
  • Frees up ~22000 bytes of RAM at $7E2000
  • Can insert up to 256 different powerups
  • Several RAM addresses to alter the behavior of the patch's core engines
  • Easy to use "add-on" engine to include specific ASM hacks for your powerups
  • Total control of player's interaction field with ground and sprites
  • A bunch of pointers to routines and tables ready to use at $02800C about various things of the patch
  • Let's you install external ASM hacks that need to run during NMI at $00A304

Included powerups

Cloud flower from Super Mario Galaxy.

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