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NOTE: This page is currently a stub.

Eastridge Technology Engine is a sound driver for the SPC700 programmed by Nick Eastridge. The sound driver relies on the SNES sending commands for each note the sound driver keys on, which means under normal circumstances, all of the music data is stored and processed from the SNES side, and thus is undumpable in SPC format.

Every single game has a unique build of this sound driver, with one of the games having two depending on the version used.

The raw build sorting notes can be found here.

These are the games where the sound engine was used:

Game Name Version VCMD Code Location (SPC side) VCMD Code Location (SNES side) ROM Offset
Miracle Piano Teaching System N/A (does not support music) 0x02B1 N/A (does not support music) 0x0E8000
Chessmaster (US version) TODO 0x0855 0x00AA82 0x088000
Chessmaster (European and Japanese version) TODO 0x0834 0x00AA8A (European version)
0x00AA8B (Japanese version)
0x088000 (all versions)
Paperboy 2 TODO 0x0395 0x00E6B0 (all versions) 0x038000 (all versions)
Pit Fighter TODO 0x038B 0x00CED1 (US version)
0x00CEEE (European version)
0x06BF00 (all versions)
James Bond Jr. TODO 0x0376 0x02F1C5 (all versions) 0x0F8000 (all versions)
Great Waldo Search TODO 0x0380 0x0F8152 0x0EAC0C
Terminator TODO 0x0376 0x028128 (all versions) 0x0E8000 (all versions)
Steel Talons TODO 0x0376 0x0B828C 0x0BDDD3
Wayne's World TODO 0x0376 0x02822F (all versions) 0x1AD046 (all versions)
Incredible Crash Dummies TODO 0x0376 0x1CEE73 (US beta version)
0x1D8648 (US, Japanese and European versions)
0x1A95CF (US beta version)
0x1A9EBB (US, Japanese and European versions)
Relief Pitcher TODO 0x038B 0x00F014 (US beta version)
0x00EF16 (US version)
0x0CC1D3 (all versions)
Ren and Stimpy - Veediots! TODO 0x03A9 0x00E773 (US version)
0x00E787 (European version)
0x18A6B0 (all versions)

Communication with the SNES

TODO (there are almost certainly going to be per-build differences on the operation of most of these)

Music Format

TODO (if not already recorded up there, probably will be mixed with the command lists... these are done on the SNES side, not the SPC700 side)