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invictus title.png

Invictus is a 2018 "Kaizo: Light" SMW ROM hack created by streamer Juzcook known to be one of the best Kaizo: Light hacks in 2018 and was also the fifth ROM hack to be accepted to the charity event known as Games Done Quick (or GDQ). While it's not the first Kaizo: Light to be known by the streaming community, it's certainly the most well-received one in recent years.


  • Invictus is 20 levels long with 22 exits.
  • Invictus' Kamek boss fight was coded by Kaizoman/Thomas.
  • Invictus is the first few to set false expectations on the presence of a certain trap (the other is Fly Me To The Stars).
  • The fifth ROM Hack to be featured in Games Done Quick (Link to the video here)!
  • A sense of progression in terms of building up gimmicks up to the final level in a Kaizo: Light.
  • Has a presence of easter eggs hidden within the stages featuring emotes from Juzcook's Discord server.
  • Has a lot of songs ported for and used in Invictus. A list of what songs are what can be here.