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This is the index article for the Homebrew subsection of the Tutorials part of the wiki. It will detail how to create a development environment for your SNES homebrew using Asar as well as initialize the SNES and show a flashing animation on the screen.

Necessary Tools

  • First you will need a text editor such as Vim, Notepad++, and so on, so as to write the code.
  • An emulator. For the purposes of accuracy, we will be using bsnes-plus by Revenant.
  • An assembler. We will be using Asar.
  • Documentation. A download to a mother-lode of docs is available in the snesbase archive.

Using Asar whenever

  • Go on your System Properties in the Control Panel. Once there, click on Advanced System Settings and go on the advanced tab.
  • Click on Environment Variables and add Asar's current location to the PATH variable by double clicking it and appending it on the end.
  • This allows you to call Asar in a terminal regardless of its position.

Creating Batch Files for Asar

Step 1: Initializing the SNES

Step 2: Writing a Color to the Screen

Step 3: Make it Flash!

(To be finished orz)

Index of further tutorials