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This page will contain all VilelaBot change log and timeline since June 21, 2019.

Version 5.3r1102

Released November 17, 2019.

  • Made !vb fir (logarithm mode) display frequency information starting at 10 Hz.

!vb fir -lin (linear mode) will continue displaying frequency information starting at 0 Hz.

Version 5.3r1101

Released November 16, 2019.

  • Improved chart generation on !vb fir.
  • Added -lin to !vb fir for linear visualization.

Version 5.3r1084

Released November 15, 2019.

  • New command: !vb fir. Analyses the response frequency of a FIR filter, outputting a chart with magnitude and phase change.
  • @png on !vb math context now allows for image up to 4096x4096 size, regardless of the zoom factor.
  • !vb hex now allows numbers with decimal places, they are rounded to the nearest number before converting to hex.

Version 5.3r1031

Released October 27, 2019.

  • is now VilelaBot's main website.
  • VilelaBot is now capable of uploading attachments to its own website again.
  • Added a smart HTML renderer which can transform contents into a richer output in case of a needed HTML upload.
  • Restored the fancy boostrap HTML theme from all command uploads. See !vb help for example.
  • Added an internal structure for dealing with multiple file uploads.
  • Restored command: !vb convert
  • Restored command: !vb hdma
  • Restored command: !vb palmix
  • Restored command: !vb creative
  • Restored command: !vb compose
  • Fixed !vb creatove and !vb compose sometimes generating an error depending on the random number or seed chosen.

Version 5.2r1015

Released October 26, 2019.

  • Updated avatar and added custom status.
  • Migrated source to Visual Studio 2019.
  • Minor crash bug fixes that ended up undocumented here.

Version 5.2r999

Released August 23, 2019.

Discord Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the Discord interface client would still attempt an automatic reconnect even if VilelaBot sent a manual terminate signal. Fixes double messages bug.

Version 5.2r998

Released August 22, 2019.

New computer host

  • VilelaBot now runs on Vitor Vilela's VIVI-VAIO laptop instead of VIVI-ACER. The VAIO PC is now a dedicated server for VilelaBot (and an extra computer for Vitor's mom) which will run 24/7 while VIVI-ACER will finally have a rest and get its laptop role back.

Version 5.2r997

Released August 21, 2019.


  • Undo last change. Time command service is now always executing as before.
  • Time commands are now transactional and asynchronous. Any timed command will deliver regardless of the service status and are postponed automatically in case of Internet failure. This should fix all !vb timemsg/!vb remind getting lost during a deliver attempt without Internet and will not deadlock the whole VilelaBot service in rare occasions.

Version 5.2r995

Released August 18, 2019.


  • Time commands (!vb timemsg, !vb tcmd, etc.) are paused when there is no Internet connection and resumed automatically when it returns.

Version 5.2r994

Released August 15, 2019.

!vb findvol

  • Fixed command outputting incorrect values when using the louder (-l) option.

Discord Interface

  • Fixed database not saving after several Internet disconnections.

Version 5.2r988

Released August 11, 2019.

Discord Interface

  • VilelaBot will now reconnect manually instead of relying on the Discord library auto-reconnect. With that, eventual downtimes will likely not occur anymore unless if the downtime is caused by a long Internetless period.

!vb plotxy

  • Command now works as intended. Usage: !vb plotxy <x points> <y points>, for example: !vb plot 1 2 3 4 5 1 4 9 16 25, it will plot a chart where 1 2 3 4 5 is the horizontal input and 1 4 9 16 25 is the vertical input: f(x) -> Y.

Version 5.2r980

Released July 25, 2019.

New command: !vb plotxy

  • It doesn't work.

!vb tempo

  • Now it can convert multiple tempo values at once, for example !vb tempo AA BB CC ... and it will output tXX tYY tZZ ...
  • The 't' prefix is omitted if it's running via @vb command.
  • It will no longer generate a weird tempo value if a too big input is inserted.
  • It will generate an error if it attempts generating a tempo higher than 254.

Version 5.2r976

Released July 20, 2019.

New command: !vb plot

  • Usage: !vb plot <points>, for example !vb plot 1 4 9 16 25 36 49.
  • Plots a simple chart with X axis being the index number and Y the number itself. For example, !vb plot 4 10 20 would plot points (0, 4); (1, 10) and (2, 20).
  • Accepts any double precision floating point type.
  • Although you can't use mathematical constants and functions directly, it accepts ranges and values using the mathematical commands via @vb and encapsulating via png math command.
  • Example: @vb png(plot(cos(0:pi/10:2*pi)))

@vb png

  • Unlike !vb png, @vb png() function takes a matrix and transforms into a picture.
  • Usage: @vb png(<matrix>, <zoom factor>, <gray scale>)
  • <matrix> is the input matrix. Example: [0xff0000, 0x00ff00; 0x0000ff, 0xff00ff].
  • <zoom factor> is to zoom each pixel before outputting the image.
  • <gray scale> is a flag. 0 to use RGB values. 1 to use grayscale mode, where the largest value is 100% white and the smallest is 0% white (black pixel).
  • Fixed command swapping X/Y parameters.


  • Fixed some parsing issues while converting between VilelaBot and Mages functions.

Version 5.2r962

Released July 13, 2019.

!vb timemsg

  • Changed emoji from ⏰ to 🕰️. Discord does not seem to render the former emoji correctly.

!vb ver

  • Code cleanup, now displays bot version and copyright text.


  • Removed more (now) unused code from SMW Central.
  • Removed the CaffieNet IRC controller.
  • General code cleanup.

Version 5.2r960

Released July 11, 2019.

Physical installation

  • Changed Internet Speed Provider: 30/30 Mbps down/up LAN -> 100/50 Mbps down/up Glassfiber link.

Discord interface

  • Removed the aggressive reconnection system since it didn't solve the disconnection problems.
  • Fixed a crash bug where the bot would stop working if it attempted attaching a document on a DM.

VilelaBot Kernel

  • Created a system for performing faster updates via !vb vb

!vb png

  • Changed its picture generation algorithm slightly.

Version 5.2r954

Released July 9, 2019.

Discord interface

  • Attachment response messages are now removed if the caller message is removed. VilelaBot used to only be able to remove regular messages.
  • Attachment response messages can't be edited, but if the user attempts editing the caller message and VilelaBot sees that the previous response was an attachment, it will now remove the previous attachment and submit a new message.
  • If there were new messages between the two, VilelaBot will react its message with a thinking emoji.
  • Implemented a more aggressive and experimental reconnection system against the Discord bot client.

Version 5.2r950

Released July 7, 2019.

!vb timemsg

  • Now you can add and subtract months (o) and years (y). Fixed "Fractional number is not allowed for months."