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Mode 5

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BG Layers Available
Layer 2 Layer 1
2bpp 4bpp
Seiken Densetsu 3's main menu is rendered with Mode 5

Mode 5 is one of the hi-res background modes, meaning the horizontal resolution is 512 dots. When interlacing is enabled, the vertical resolution is also doubled. [4] Many JRPGs use Mode 5. [3] It is the second least frequently used background mode. [2] PVSnesLib currently does not support Mode 5. [1] Color Math should not be used in Mode 5.[5][7]

Background tiles may be 8 by 8 pixels or 16 by 16 pixels in Mode 5.

RPM Racing uses Mode 5 for gameplay.[6]

Offset Change Mode is unsupported. Direct Color is unsupported.

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