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Sicari is the first SMW ROM Hack created by Eevee developed and finished in 2013, serving as (what was) the first instalment Sicari Franchise, and later had a remake known as Sicari Remastered. The game was known for being one of the first completed overhaul ROM Hacks that uses 99% completely original graphics to create its own universe.

For being one of Eevee's first projects and to show it off while still being a new user, it was unheard of to start (and finish) an ambitious project that early on in a career. It also usually takes a few years to finish, whereas Sicari was started and finished in a little over a year according to the time-span and information provided between the first and last posts Eevee has made in the project thread. Immediately after release, K-16_-_Story_of_Steel would be started.


A young Sicari, sick of her own life as an assassin, sees an opportunity of redemption when Niscura rises to crash the worlds of Paradia and Demonia together. Sicari and her "sister" K-16 decides to take down Niscura and her five minions before it's too late.

Development History

Originally started as a test hack of sorts, Eevee joined SMW Central to show off Sicari on January 17th 2013 showing off an early version of the overworld, a lot of levels, and in general the graphics style of the game. One thing is for sure, the "Castle Destruction" cutscene telling of Jerry the Jester's defeat that was shown was never used in the final game. The player graphics have also been changed many times, and also the overworld. In March 17th Eevee lost progress from a faulty computer, and thus lost 7 levels and many graphical bits, with Emerald Palace being one of the levels. On May 10th, the level list was revealed showing off 35 stages planned with every name of the level included. After months, the hack would release on November 16th 2013.

Exactly a year later on November 16th 2014, an update would release that heavily nerfs the knockback patch as well as increase the timer in specific levels.

Fun Facts

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The hack released to a roaring success, citing as one of the most unique hacks at the time. Even though Eevee was already working on K-16_-_Story_of_Steel 3 days after release, it only serves as greater motivation to keep the hacking going for them.

It would seem that the biggest critic of the hack over the years would be Eevee themself. Sicari Remastered would be this hack's replacement and serve as the first entry in their rebooted canon of the Sicari Franchise, and with it is their massively improved art style. It would not be like they hate the game; Sicari 2 - The Brink of Time does have a tiny nod to this version of the game in many of S2's levels.