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carol's AddMusic

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carol's AddMusic, or AddMusic by Perl, is one of the earliest publicly-known versions of AddMusic. Despite its official name (AddMusic by Perl), this version of AddMusic was developed in the Perl programming language by a Super Mario World rom-hacker who goes by carol. This AddMusic was specifically created for Super Kitiku World (Brutal Mario).

Notable Features

  • Macro support. With macro, you can avoid writing duplicate commands when defining your custom patches; however, this is processed by the compiler side and does NOT decrease the insert size of a song.
    This feature is also appiled in AddMusicM and AddMusicK.
  • Dotted note. With that, you can write dotted note without needing to spam tie ^. Example: 2^4^8^16^32 → 2....
  • Semitone tuning. Unlike AddMusic 4.05, this command is handled by the compiler side, so it's not possible to make notes higher than o6a; also, you need to care about pitch-sensitive commands yourself.