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100 Rooms of Enemies

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100 Rooms of Enemies' Title Screen

100 Rooms of Enemies is a Pit of 100 Trials inspired SMW Romhack started by Daizo Dee Von where the goal is to get as far as you can to win by defeating every enemy in each room. The reason for it's existence is it was a hack that challenged the mindset that games without the ability to save progress are never fun, first argued during the original Touhou Mario by Wakana. It initially released in 2014 with v1.0.0. during Winter C3, and was rejected for the Fryguy boss clipping through walls, thus making the game unbeatable. MellonPizza joined development to fix the bugs found in v1.0.0. and so Daizo released the new v2.0.0. of 100 Rooms of Enemies in Summer 2015, and was since accepted. Ever since it's explosion in popularity in August 10th 2017 thanks to an upload by Blue Television Games, both Daizo and Mellon worked together to start work on "The Full Edition", later changed to "The Nightmare Edition" for it's inclusion of Nightmare Mode and it's many improvements and features. This update is still being worked on to this day.

v1.0.0 Release

v1.0.0. was released in 2014 with moderate success that was unfortunately rejected due to a glitch with Fryguy where sometimes the SMW RNG will allow the boss to clip through walls in both Rooms 79 and 99. This was because the boss used to go up and down, and thus if it clipped between two tiles going up or down it'll result in passing through (basically, a sprite version of how Mario can wallclip and jump, except with constant horizontal momentum). The boss was fixed in v2 by making the boss go straight across instead of a vertical sin wave.

What's also interesting is there was no retry system in place, but there were lives. So, you always start back on the overworld and starting at the very beginning. This eventually became Do or Die Mode where dying results in going back to the title screen. Daizo Dee Von always considers Do or Die as the "Original Mode" for that reason alone. However, he implemented Arcade Mode since it still fit his vision of having no midpoints and getting as high as you can.

In Rooms 9, 19, 29, 39, 48, 59, 68, and 78 Daizo Dee Von intentionally used bad palettes since he wanted to use the default palettes as much as he could and save custom palettes for very important areas in the game. He figured the rooms would stand out if they used original palettes that didn't look as nice. However, since it was pointed out as a removal reason in the log, he ended up giving custom palettes to said areas to prevent further rejections for v2.

Between v1 and v2, he swapped Rooms 75 and 76 due to an unfortunate incident in Levelengine's v1.0.0. let's play where he thought Yoshi would still have wings in both rooms. He made the change because he felt that Yoshi should start out as the default so that it builds up towards Yoshi's powers rather than taking an ability away in the next room.

Initial v2.0.0 Release

Death Screen in Arcade

v2.0.0. brought forth two versions of the game: Arcade Mode, and Do or Die Mode. It also fixes a few things that were brought in v1.0.0. which includes rooms with "bad palettes" changed to have custom palettes instead; the Fryguy boss being "almost" fixed, and Room 100's self lock being fixed.

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode allows the player to have 5 credits to start, and each death brings you to the room you died in. Lose all of your lives, and you restart back from the title screen. This mode also brings in the ability to gain lives by finding hidden 1-up blocks that are scattered throughout all 100 rooms.

Do or Die Mode

Do or Die Mode is what it says in the tin: you have one chance to clear all 100 Rooms. You die, and you're sent back to the title screen to retry. You also cannot gain any lives, as the life count is stuck to 1 even if you bounce on enough enemies or collect enough coins to gain a life. This mode was first completed by levelengine save stateless.

The Nightmare Edition

Demo in Arcade Mode in "The Nightmare Edition"

There are many features that make The Nightmare Edition special. One such feature is instead of a seperate rom for each mode, both Arcade and Do or Die are packaged together in a single ROM along with the new Nightmare Mode. Along with this, many playable characters have been added as unlockables for completing the modes. On top of it all, it also tweaks old rooms and fixes cutoff established in all of them.

Arcade Mode

Along with everything established, there will also be a new feature added that allows you to skip rooms by finding "Special Rooms" found by completely specific rooms in a special way. There are 10 of these special rooms, all with various styles and ideas.

Do or Die Mode

Do or Die returns with everything established, but now it has a stopwatch for those who speedrun the game from beginning to end.

Nightmare Mode

The new mode of the game, where the player is tasked with completing each room with 5 credits again. This time, all the rooms have been "remixed" into harder versions of the originals to provide a much harder challenge.

The Characters (So Far)

The biggest standout feature of 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition is it's playable roster filled with established Mario characters alongside some special guests that have joined the roster thanks to the efforts of it's respective creators.


The default character of 100 Rooms of Enemies who has no changes to his move set in the latest version. An interesting fun fact is Mario's original code from SMW was removed in favor of a disassembled version of his characteristics. The reason it was done was so development for the other characters was made easier since code is shared between all the cast.


Confirmed to be unlocked through completing any mode, Luigi comes with his staple physics established in many Mario games. More specifically, his higher jump and slippery traction.

Confirmed Song OST:

  • Super Bomberman 2 - Stage 5 || Heard during the Team Nightmare Direct. Possibly a reference to the Japanese ROM hack "SMW Yeah!!"?


First revealed in the raocow's talkhaus thread of 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition, Demo originates from raocow's romhack "What The Hell", but her design was taken from the talkhaus collab "A Super Mario Thing". She acts as a skin to Mario, but contains a unique soundtrack that comes from ASMT and other games raocow has played. There might be a chance Daizo Dee Von chatted with Wyatt about possibly using songs from "A Second Mario Thing", but he hasn't confirmed or deny the songs appearing at all in a recent post.

Confirmed Song OST:

  • Rooms 1-9 - A Super Mario Thing ~ Decisive Here We Go (Pitch +1)
  • Rooms 40-48 - Super Marisa World ~ World 3 Theme
  • Room Foe (Fryguy) - A Super Mario Thing ~ Battle Against Rumia
  • Room 90 Resting Area - A Super Mario Thing ~ Volcano
  • Rooms 90-96 - A Super Mario Thing ~ The Kanji Factory

Various Wyatt tracks are confirmed to appear as well. It's unclear which ones, however.


First hinted at in the Teaser Trailer of 100 Rooms, on Daizo's 300 Subscriber Milestone he has created a fakeout trailer of himself playing Sicari Remastered only to somehow find himself swapping games while still playing as K-16 somehow. He exclaims "What is going on here?!" with a Super Smash Brothers-esque reveal that K-16 is playable in 100 Rooms of Enemies with all her abilities in tact. K-16 comes with a health bar reminiscent of Super Metroid's, she can charge her shot when she gains fire power, can wall jump on walls, and cannot run nor spinjump on enemies. Both Daizo and Mellonpizza have admitted a number times that she is the most overpowered character in the roster so far, and that "you will really have to earn the right to play as her..."

Confirmed Song OST:

  • Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals - Battle #2 || Heard during the K-16 trailer.
  • Mega Man 3 - Spark Man's Stage || Heard during the Team Nightmare Direct.


As the last revealed character thus far, Wario has appeared in the very first trailer in Daizo Dee Von and Mellonpizza's "TEAM NIGHTMARE Direct" where Mario, Demo, and Luigi are playing a betting game. Luigi wins, but all the money flies up in the air as a shadowy figure dashes by. After the characters look upwards, Wario drops down from the ceiling and reveals himself, laughing at the characters as his name pops in. Wario's main move is his Wario Dash, an attack where the player holds a button to dash forward to take HP off enemies, killing them, or bouncing them in a stunned state. However, Wario has the lowest jump of the whole roster, requiring maximum speed to get onto the higher platforms.

Confirmed OST:

  • Final Fantasy VII ~ Cait Sith's Theme || Plays at the beginning and ending of the "Gambly Night" Trailer.
  • Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land ~ Stove Canyon || Plays when Wario is about to be revealed in the trailer above.
  • Wario: Master of Disguise ~ Count Cannoli Battle || Plays during Wario's gameplay show off in the trailer above.
  • Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins ~ Wario's Castle || Heard during the Team Nightmare Direct when Wario is explained in more detail.


The only glimpses of Waluigi were at the end of the "Gambly Night" trailer, and also maybe behind the tree when Mellonpizza mentions "Maybe someone stole [Luigi's] lucky shoes?". Otherwise, he doesn't seem to be completely confirmed to be playable. Daizo Dee Von has posted on twitter saying that all the characters including "maybe" Waluigi are playable, so either he is trolling about Waluigi's conclusion to reference the fact Waluigi isn't in Super Smash Brothers as a playable roster, or he is in fact confirming it and isn't ready to be presented to the public just yet. Who knows?


The main character of the VIP Mario series, Boon was revealed to be playable in the January 2021 Direct. More information in the direct suggests that "reskinned rooms" based on stages from his games will appear in place of the default rooms.


The most strangest reveal of all, "Daizo" from Mushroom Kingdom: Beyond The Worlds makes his unexpected appearance as the meme character char_ID:7 from the 100 Rooms Advent Calendar. We don't know how he plays, but the biggest guess is he will play similarly to how he does in Daizo's Journey: The Three Way War. We have not seen him ingame just yet, but all we can say is... of course the author would add his self-insert into this...

Other Unconfirmed Songs

  • Nurykabe - naufrages || Appears in an update video, but no context of the track was given. Contest related maybe?

100 Rooms Advent Calendar (2019)

Advent Calendar
Day Game Track Composer Porter char_ID Notes
1 CUSTOM Manufacturing Destruction Mayonnai 5
2 Trials of Mana Decision Bell Hiroki Kikuta Gocha 3 (Boon)
3 Battle Tetris Gaiden Halloween Wyatt 2 (Demo)
4 CUSTOM Epic Battle Moose 5
5 Final Fantasy V Clash on the Big Bridge Nobuo Uematsu Masterlink 1
6 Final Fantasy IV Another Moon Nobuo Uematsu MercuryPenny 0 (Mario) for Nightmare Mode
7 Super Mario World Forest of Illusion (Lost Version) Kipernal 7 (Daizo)
8 Mega Man 2 Bubble Man's Stage Jimmy 6 (K-16) referencing Sicari
9 A nameless original song Daizo Dee Von 5
10 A Second Mario Thing Where Does the Future Go? (Unused) Wyatt 2 (Demo)
11 Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land Boss Battle FPI 4 (Wario)
12 A Second Mario Thing Volcanic Expedition Chrom1um Wyatt 2 (Demo)
13 Final Fantasy IV Dancing Calbrena Nobuo Uematsu Gocha 3 (Boon)
14 Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Zinnia Battle Wakana 0 (Mario) for Nightmare Mode
15 Romancing Saga 3 Battle 2 Kenji Ito Tamaki 6
16 Super Mario World Forest of Illusion Koji Kondo Mario90 0 (Mario) for Do or Die
17 Final Fantasy Legend II Boss Battle Kenji Ito Wakana 7 (Daizo)
18 CUSTOM Trying to be Epic ThinkOneMoreTime 5
19 Tsukikomori Character Select tcdw 6 (K-16) referencing Sicari Remastered
20 Contra III: The Alien Wars Ground Zero dumped from SPCtoTXT for Original Tertium.
21 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Krook's March David Wise Gocha 3 (Boon)
22 Hundred Chain The End of 1000 Years 757 (or 6466) 6 (K-16) referencing Sicari Remastered
23 Illusion of [Gaia/Time] Longing for the Past (Memories Back) Neidave for The Moon Vault
Christmas Eve Final Fantasy VII Cait Sith's Theme Nobuo Uematsu MiracleWater for The Local Bar (interesting note: also used in Wario's trailer. Apparently not exclusive?)
Christmas A Second Mario Thing Trials of the Parrot (Early Version) Wyatt 2 (Demo) for Nightmare Mode
26 Live-A-Live Nice Weather Ain't it! tcdw for a potential score board?
27 Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal Dark Cave Lui37 7 (Daizo)
28 Super Bomberman 5 Master of Time Tamaki Original Tertium
29 Final Fantasy Legend II Boss Battle Kenji Ito Gocha 1 (Luigi) It used to be from the original soundtrack, and is used for Luigi instead of Boon because of SMW YEAH! using this theme as Luigi's boss theme
30 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Wario's Castle scooter102089 (or Chaser the Ultimate Gamer) 4 (Wario)
New Year's Eve CUSTOM "L u n a r M a g i c" Daizo Dee Von for...?
New Year's Day Castlevania 2 Praying Hands Wavee ?? (interestingly, also used in Invictus.)
Bonus Journey to Silius Stage 4 Dippy for Original Tertium

In December 2019, Daizo has decided to upload daily revealing a random song from the 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition. It was unique by the fact most of the songs had a "char_ID" attached revealings songs pur character number. By this, we know that the IDs go from 0-7, with a "???" upload, which means there's a grand total of 9 characters (Unless "Original Tertium" is a character, which that makes it 10.) The only question is what characters go in each ID slot? Recently Daizo Dee Von has added shadows to the relevant ones, confirming what we've expected for the most part. char_ID:0 is Mario, char_ID:1 is Luigi, char_ID:2 is Demo, char_ID:3 is Boon, char_ID:4 is Wario, and char_ID:6 is K-16. The most unexpected reveal is the character "Daizo" from the Mushroom Kingdom: Beyond The Worlds series is char_ID:7, which on the surface doesn't make sense until you realize "Daizo's Journey: F*** Yeah" was a meme on SMW Central for a while.

One thing is definitely for sure with this advent calendar... the soundtrack is going to be huge. We know this isn't the last of it either because songs have appeared in both the Team Nightmare Directs and the 100 Rooms of Enemies updates, and that's not even including the original v2.0.0. 100 Rooms of Enemies soundtrack. If this advent calendar is [1 hour and 22 minutes total] just with those songs combined, then we might expect it to be over 2 hours long with over 70 songs.


K-16 in 100 Rooms of Enemies

100 Rooms of Enemies was made at just the right time when people wanted a simple experience, and goes to show you don't need to be super "full of gimmicks" to be unique. Reception is also well received, baring comments about "Sonic music in a Mario Game" and "Bowser should be in Room 100 instead". A few fan sequels have been made, examples being 100 Rooms Oof Kek by Team Dicks and 10 Rooms of Enemies by Master Bluspark. Daizo Dee Von looks forward to seeing more by fans! It is also the second most downloaded ROM Hack made by Daizo, tho he thinks it'll reach to #1 fairly soon.

The first news that introduced the idea of multiple characters in 100 Rooms of Enemies was the official raocow talkhaus thread where Daizo occasionally makes progress on, and that was where Luigi and Demo were first revealed. It was later fully confirmed in a later C3 thread along with new info on what The Nightmare Edition brings. On February 14th of 2019, Daizo announced K-16's reveal in a video trailer in the style of Super Smash Brothers. On July 6th, Wario (and Waluigi?) has been revealed on Daizo and Mellonpizza's "2019 Summer TEAM NIGHTMARE Direct". On January 12th of 2021, Boon from the VIP & Wall & Alaska MIX series joins the roster in their 2021 Winter TEAM NIGHTMARE Mini Direct. No other news has sparked since...

As for when 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition will be releasing? Time will tell...