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List of site article requests. If you would like to have a specific article created here, add it here. If you would like to create or improve an article in particular, click on it and then on settings (gear icon), click on edit icon! If you can't edit articles, make sure to register an account on SnesLab and contribute with us.

The article does not need to be detailed. The idea is each article get its improvements though the time, but most important is to take an initial step and start contributing! The more you do, the better will be for the site.



Music Emulators



Reverse Engineering

SMW hacking

YI hacking

F-Zero hacking

SMK hacking

SoM hacking

SMRPG hacking

EB hacking

SMAS hacking

ALTTP hacking



  • Tutorials/Homebrew: this will cover how to create the setup environment for using asar and batch tools. Then initialize the SNES and display a simple flashing color animation on the screen. Then it will have an index for the other articles.
  • Tutorials/Homebrew/Graphics: how to convert some images to the SNES format and display a background using Mode 3 (8BPP).
  • Tutorials/Homebrew/Sprites: how to set up the OAM and display a few static sprites at random positions at bootup.
  • Tutorials/Homebrew/Controllers: how to read controllers using auto joypad and start moving the sprites from the previous part.
  • Tutorials/Homebrew/Top-Down View: creating a basic top-down view using a static 256x256 background, where you have a simple walkable tile and a solid tile.
  • Tutorials/Homebrew/Top-Down with Scrolling: expand to a 512x512 background and introduce the basic background scrolling principles. Together that, introduce the basic camera principles and make a system for sprites only appearing when they are on screen.
  • Tutorials/Homebrew/Multiple Scenes: let's create more block types. Now we have a teleport block where we can switch to another scene. That will teach how to load/unload scenes at real time and teach initial positioning of sprites.



Lunar Magic

General ROM hacking




Enhancement Chips



(more SNES-exclusive features are at SNES SPC/DSP)


Not SNES related

SPC Engines


The purpose of these articles is informing about the games, release date, a few screenshots and then doing some brief citations about its ROM hacking. Note that SnesLab is not JUST SNES ROM hacking, it's *everything* about SNES.

Tool-Assited Speedruns

SNES ROM hacking sites or communities

Known SNES ROM hacks